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Daven Sharma

Daven Sharma

Owner / President

(925) 400-8333


DAVEN SHARMA is a recognized Educator, Author, Speaker, and CEO of Abundance Advisers, a Bay Area financial planning and wealth management firm.

 “Our proprietary system 7-Steps to Financial Abundance is a holistic approach to financial planning.  We first understand our clients’ goals and timeline and then build customized solutions around them.  It is not about getting the highest rate of return; it is about attaining those lifetime financial goals,” Daven says. 

Daven earned his BS in Accounting from the University of Delhi, India.  After migrating to United States in 1985, he earned CPA and CFP® designations.  In 2016, he founded Academy of Financial Planning, a non-profit organization devoted to providing free financial education to all, as he believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to be financially independent.

Daven lives in Dublin, CA and enjoys reading and travel in addition to spending time with his family and a rescued puppy Lilah.

Aalok Devkota

Aalok Devkota

Data Analyst

My investing method is top-down. I start with the macro trend and then drill down to sectors and companies. I primarily follow Darvas method as described on “How I made 2 million in the Stock Market”. I have developed a model that combines several variables and identifies the stocks that are likely to go up.

I start with 5% of the portfolio invested in a position and add to it if the stocks behaves as anticipated. The model has a success rate of 60% with the average winners being 5x more than average losers.